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Canine Physiotherapy 

Dogs can benefit from physiotherapy, just like humans, following injury, pre and post operatively, to manage diseases such as osteoarthritis, and to improve performance and well-being. Charlotte Duke Veterinary Physiotherapy aims to provide high quality physiotherapy techniques to enhance and maintain the health and performance of your dog. Charlotte Duke Veterinary Physiotherapy provides a holistic approach, working with other paraprofessionals, such as vets, in order to provide effective, long-lasting results. 


Indications that your dog may benefit from veterinary physiotherapy:

  • Moving away from touch

  • Lameness

  • Slower on walks 

  • Difficulty getting in or out of car/ up steps 

  • Difficulty rising after rest 

  • Change in behaviour e.g. more defensive


What to Expect:

Canine appointments usually last 45 minutes - 1hour. During initial assessment I will take a full history, and perform a thorough assessment of your dog's posture and movement, followed by treatment of the whole body using a range of techniques, focusing on any problem areas. Your dog will be reassessed at each appointment. 

I will use a range of techniques, including manual therapy, electrotherapy, remedial exercises and other modalities to ensure maximum benefit to each individual dog. Each treatment is tailored depending on the requirements of your specific dog, using a sound knowledge base and clinical reasoning. 

I will usually leave you with a bespoke exercise programme and some helpful management tips to ensure ongoing progression. 

I treat a variety of small animals (dogs, cats, and rabbits) and conditions including orthopaedic, neurological and musculoskeletal problems and pain, as well as maintaining your dog at their optimal performance level.

Please Note: Charlotte Duke Veterinary Physiotherapy works under veterinary referral in accordance to the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966

Please Download a Referral / Consent Form 

Price List 


Initial Assessment + Treatment

Your first appointment with me following veterinary referral. 


Assessment + Treatment 

Your on going appointments 


2 or More Dogs at the Same Venue/Home

I offer discount for more than one dog at the same location since this reduces my travel costs! 

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Oak Ride Farm 



I am working alongside Oak Ride Farm Hydrotherapy to provide a comprehensive physiotherapy service. 

Hydrotherapy is very beneficial for gait education and strengthening in a weightless environment. The water treadmill gives the therapist greater control and visibility of limb placement and movement to support canine patients during rehabilitation. 

The temperature of the water and hydrostatic pressure contribute to muscle relaxation, increased circulation, relieves pain and aids comfort. The buoyancy of the water reduces the load on painful limbs and improves core stability and flexibility, whilst the viscosity of the water provides stability and aids strengthening. 

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