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Farm Animal Physiotherapy 

Veterinary physiotherapy for ruminants and other farm animals is underestimated; just like our companion animals (dogs, cats, horses) they can all suffer from the same musculoskeletal injuries, neurological injuries,  disease and pain, that can affect their everyday roles in production and showing, as well as their welfare. 

Some examples of when veterinary physiotherapy can help livestock include:

  • Soft tissue damage / wound healing / scar tissue 

  • Lameness 

  • Swelling and inflammation 

  • Fractures 

  • Tendon and ligament damage 

  • Restricted mobility

  • Muscle spasm

  • Gait abnormality

  • Neurological deficits e.g. post calving  

  • Prolonged recumbency (Downer Cows) ​​

    • Maintain muscle mass ​

    • Prevent tissue necrosis 

    • Aid circulation 

    • Maintain mobility 

If you think your farm animal(s) would benefit from veterinary physiotherapy please do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss the condition further. 

PLEASE NOTE: As with companion animals, I will require veterinary consent to treat your animal(s). Please fill in a referral form (below) or contact Charlotte.


Please Download a Consent/Referral Form 

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